Post 3

1) Kalki Koechlin covers Vogue India for December 2012 in Louis Vuitton PJs

  • This isn’t the first time Vogue India’s cover featured a hot pink background
  •  The cover works, although I wish the top of her head wasn’t cut off and the text on the cover was a bit more uniform

2) Here are four other covers of Indian glossies for December 2012, and they’re all pretty good, kudos all around.

3) Karl Lagerfeld is making a line of “jelly shoes” for Brazilian brand Melissa

  • Ok, so I had to google “jelly shoes”, and let’s just say…I shouldn’t have
  • Karl is really known for these collaborations, but I wonder if there will ever come a time where he should stop

4) Racked teaches you how to pronounce Ralph Lauren

  • I am kind of a stickler for correct name pronunciation
  • I cringed when watching an episode of the The Hills (note: I didn’t cringe at the entire series, it had its moments) where Whitney Port mispronounced Givenchy as Guh-venchy, in Paris, quelle horreur!



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