Post 5

1) Watch Marion Cotillard design a bag for Dior

  • I love that she loves houndstooth too!
  • Is this the first time that the face of a couture house designs a bag for the house as well? It seems like that shouldn’t be the case, but I cannot think of others
  • It’s hard to give my impressions of the bag, couldn’t get a good look at it (and I didn’t see a houndstooth one)
  • Also, I do think the video could have been trimmed down by a minute, brevity is a good quality when it comes to YouTube

2) Emerald is the couleur de l’année for 2013 according to Pantone

  • Is it me or is the shade they chose slightly seafoam-ish, it doesn’t have the vibrancy of what emerald should be (at least in my mind)
  • Also, I still love Tangerine Tango

3) H&M announces a clothes recycling service

  • It’s my understanding you get a discount voucher for bringing in old clothes
  • I predict every retailer will start doing this in the future
  • I love this idea!

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