Post 12

1) Michelle Obama is covering Vogue again in 2013

  • Not a surprise, Anna Wintour is very much pro-Obama (henceforth known as PrObama!)
  • I don’t recall Carla Bruni being on many covers during Sarkozy’s time in office in France

2) Katie Holmes is now the face of (or hair of?) haircare brand Alterna

  • That is in addition to her being the face of Bobbi Brown, and having her own clothing line, Holmes & Yang
  • Dang, girl is hustlin’ post divorce

3) Tia Cibani is back designing for Ports 1961

  • I’m happy to see this Canadian, or somewhat Canadian, label garner some  attention
  • It is known for it’s very small advertising budget, and reluctance to provide celebrities with free clothes (oh snap Hollywood)

4) Natalia Vodianova for Stella McCartney Spring 2013

  • Love the Supernova! That is all.

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