Post 14

1) Ok, let’s break-down the Anne Hathaway dress fiasco:

  • According to a tweet before the Oscars: Valentino sends out a press release revealing who is wearing the brand on the Oscar red carpet, with Anne Hathaway on the list
  • Anne Hathaway shows up in a Prada dress, and it is despised by a lot of people, and lands on some “Worst-Dressed” lists
  • Her nipples cause a stir on Twitter and get their own account
  • It is revealed that the Prada dress was a last minute find by Rachel Zoe and she planned to wear Valentino originally
  • She issues a public apology

2) Fan Bingbing attended the Oscars in Marchesa

  • Aishwarya Rai attended in 2010, maybe they’re trying to boost foreign interest
  • But, maybe increase the foreign film category to 10 films then?
  • I don’t know if she actually went into the Kodak Theater to watch, or just walked the carpet

3) In non-Oscar news, Tilda Swinton will head a Chanel campaign

  • It is for the Paris-Edimbourg collection
  • Not a surprise, Tilda Swinton is the Queen of Scots, at least my Queen of Scots
  • Loved her Pringle of Scotland campaign

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