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Post 14

1) Ok, let’s break-down the Anne Hathaway dress fiasco:

  • According to a tweet before the Oscars: Valentino sends out a press release revealing who is wearing the brand on the Oscar red carpet, with Anne Hathaway on the list
  • Anne Hathaway shows up in a Prada dress, and it is despised by a lot of people, and lands on some “Worst-Dressed” lists
  • Her nipples cause a stir on Twitter and get their own account
  • It is revealed that the Prada dress was a last minute find by Rachel Zoe and she planned to wear Valentino originally
  • She issues a public apology

2) Fan Bingbing attended the Oscars in Marchesa

  • Aishwarya Rai attended in 2010, maybe they’re trying to boost foreign interest
  • But, maybe increase the foreign film category to 10 films then?
  • I don’t know if she actually went into the Kodak Theater to watch, or just walked the carpet

3) In non-Oscar news, Tilda Swinton will head a Chanel campaign

  • It is for the Paris-Edimbourg collection
  • Not a surprise, Tilda Swinton is the Queen of Scots, at least my Queen of Scots
  • Loved her Pringle of Scotland campaign

Post 8

1) There is now a Modern Family line of nail polish from Nicole By OPI

  • The  colours shown are cute and actually embody the referenced characters
  • I am a bit surprised other shows weren’t higher on the list for collaboration
  • I’m thinking a Girls (the HBO show) nail polish line would be popular, as would Mad Men (obviously) and Downton Abbey

2) Check out the 2013 Spring trends, as modeled by 1990s sitcom characters by

  • Not usually a fan of these photo slideshows, but love this one
  • Forgot how stylish Laura Winslow from Family Matters was
  • I know this is the second TV related item posted, but I love TV, yes that means TV>>>Film for me

3) How the term curvy now can be used to describe sizes 2 to 22

  • Love this article by Laura Bans
  • Curvy as a term has really become a crutch, and most often, doesn`t even apply to the person being described

Post 5

1) Watch Marion Cotillard design a bag for Dior

  • I love that she loves houndstooth too!
  • Is this the first time that the face of a couture house designs a bag for the house as well? It seems like that shouldn’t be the case, but I cannot think of others
  • It’s hard to give my impressions of the bag, couldn’t get a good look at it (and I didn’t see a houndstooth one)
  • Also, I do think the video could have been trimmed down by a minute, brevity is a good quality when it comes to YouTube

2) Emerald is the couleur de l’année for 2013 according to Pantone

  • Is it me or is the shade they chose slightly seafoam-ish, it doesn’t have the vibrancy of what emerald should be (at least in my mind)
  • Also, I still love Tangerine Tango

3) H&M announces a clothes recycling service

  • It’s my understanding you get a discount voucher for bringing in old clothes
  • I predict every retailer will start doing this in the future
  • I love this idea!

Post 4

1) Oh no, not Charlotte Casiraghi too

  • People, when are we going to understand, dressing up in Native clothes, blackface or brownface are all NO-NOS!
  • Also, why is she even wearing a costume at a European show-jumping competition?

2) Vintage Joan Collins!

3) Huzzah, Chanel goes tartan

  • I love this collection, as I am a Scottophile (doesn’t have the ring of Anglophile, does it?)

4) This is the second holiday video made by a major retailer (Kate Bosworth is in Topshop’s campaign) that I’ve encountered