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Post 8

1) There is now a Modern Family line of nail polish from Nicole By OPI

  • The  colours shown are cute and actually embody the referenced characters
  • I am a bit surprised other shows weren’t higher on the list for collaboration
  • I’m thinking a Girls (the HBO show) nail polish line would be popular, as would Mad Men (obviously) and Downton Abbey

2) Check out the 2013 Spring trends, as modeled by 1990s sitcom characters by SheFinds.com

  • Not usually a fan of these photo slideshows, but love this one
  • Forgot how stylish Laura Winslow from Family Matters was
  • I know this is the second TV related item posted, but I love TV, yes that means TV>>>Film for me

3) How the term curvy now can be used to describe sizes 2 to 22

  • Love this article by Laura Bans
  • Curvy as a term has really become a crutch, and most often, doesn`t even apply to the person being described