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Post 1

To start my blogrolling, I’ve decided to link to some stories that I’ve found interesting and have read recently (and are presented in no particular order).

1) The Secret Life of the Bergdorf Shoe Salesman (well, not really that secret as he does give an interview)

2) Fashion Magazine’s take on Alexander Wang moving to Balenciaga

  • I wonder if Bernadette Morra’s (Editor at Fashion Magazine) prediction of the brand expanding in China as a result will pan out.  I mean, yes, China does love its luxury goods, but will it love the aesthetic of Balenciaga, even with Alexander at the helm? 

3) Red Carpet Fashion Awards did a countdown of Kristen Stewart’s red carpet looks during the Twilight tour.

  • I am partial to the yellow Dior she wore in Madrid, I love yellow dresses on the red carpet, they always pop (for lack of a better word)
  • I was surprised myself with the lack of Balenciaga

4) Speaking of Miss Stewart, her stylist, Tara Swennen, spoke with Vogue UK

  • I love interviews with stylists, who are an under-appreciated lot in my opinion and usually never get any credit for creating looks
  • And these interviews usually have juicy celebrity stories too

Ok, that ends my first post, thanks for reading.